BIOMIC_AUTh is an inter-disciplinary team active on biomarker discovery (disease diagnosis/prognosis/therapeutic intervention), pre-clinical drug research and agro-food R&D.
Central research themes include metabolomics, genetics, bio-equivalence, functional foods, food authenticity and traceability. BIOMIC_AUTh Laboratory team brings together 18 researchers with strong expertise in bioanalysis and application in life sciences.


Metabolomics or metabonomics, defined as the application of unbiased global, or holistic, analysis of biological samples (e.g. animal/human biofluids, tissue and cell extracts, in vitro incubation media etc., or plant/food extracts), are increasing  exponentially as the potential of this approach to discover new biomarkers is becoming more widely appreciated.

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Foodomics constitute a new approach in food science and nutrition by providing information about the food metabolome (V. García-Cañas et al. Anal. Chem. 2012). As the knowledge of the food metabolome increases, new relationships can be discovered between analyte compositions and quality properties (A. Bordoni, F. Capozzi, Current Opinion Food Scie. 2015).

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The BIOMICS group can provide expert GLP & Non-GLP analytical services with LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS technology. We have experience in the development validation and application of quantitation of drugs, metabolites, in virtually any biological specimen.

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Sophisticated statistical and bioinformatics tools are applied for the analysis, visualization and data mining of complex omics data.

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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Central Analytical Facility

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12yrs Metabolomics
29yrs BioAnalysis