• 4th workshop on analytical metabolomics
    It is with my great pleasure to invite you to the 4th Metabolomics Workshop to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece from the 17th till the 19th of April 2016. The meeting is the continuation of successful meetings that started in Thessaloniki in 2008 and then moved to Athens and Patras. Past meetings featured renown invited speakers from academia, industry and the regulators advocating and debating on the application of holistic analytical approaches in biomarker discovery in life, plant and food sciences. We […]
  • 5th workshop on analytical metabolomics
    With great pleasure we invite you to the 5th Metabolomics Workshop to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece from the 16th to the 17th of May 2019. In addition to the workshop this year we plan three days hands-on workshop from 13 to 15 May in our new state of the art laboratory facility. The hands-on course will host up to 12 researchers and cover experimental design, sample preparation, LC-MS analysis, GC-MS analysis, data mining, statistics. Participants for the hand-on course will be selected on first-come, first-served basis. The meeting is […]