Premises of the group include 250m2 laboratory space in the new inter-disciplinary research building of AUTh (KEDEK) and more than 250 m2 laboratory space in Medical School AUTh (downtown Thessaloniki).

Equipment includes state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation:

  • UHPLC QTRAP 6500 +
  • Acquity UPLC Xevo TQD MS/MS (Waters)
  • Acquity UPLC-Premier qTOF-MS Waters
  • Thermo Access QqQ with Ultimat LC
  • ABI Sciex 3200 QqQ with Alliance LC
  • ABI Sciex 150 LC-MS
  • Alliance LC with PDA
  • Agilent 5973 GC-MS back flush mode and CTC autoscampler (peltier cooling specifically configured for metaboomics analysis)
  • Bruker EVOQ TQ GC-MS/MS with HS and SPME capabilities
  • Bruker EVOQ TQ GC-MS/MS
  • Thermo GC-NPD and GC-FID
  • 3D CE-PDA (Agilent)

There is access to UPLC-Orbitrap high resolution MS and NMR (Varian 500 and 600 MHz).

Expertise of the group includes analysis on HR-MS TOF/Orbitrap and FT-ICR-MS, high field NMR, use of a variety of bespoke software tools for data treatment of profiling data (Metabolynx, ACD Labs, Marker View, MarkerLynx, Simca 13, XCMS, AMDIS, AMIX, VNMR), R and MATLAB scripts.