On going projects
Project Title: Corlipid – Correlation of clinical types and complexity of Coronary Artery Disease with patients’ metabolic profile
Funding Body: ΕΣΠΑ NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework)
Project Title: AromaDisitil – Greek Aromatic and medicinal plants exploitation
Funding Body: ΕΣΠΑ NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework)
Project Title: Fitsow – Longevity and welfare pf sows: Genetic factors, nutritional management of growing gilts and control of urinary tract infections
Funding Body: ΕΣΠΑ NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework)
Project Title: Development and validation of analytical methods for the determination of drugd and biomarkers in biological samples
Funding Body: Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation
Project Title: A metabolomics study on biomarkers discovery of chronic and acute alcohol toxicity
Funding Body: GSRT
IKY, Greek State Fellowship Foundation
  • Method development for metabolomics analyses for the determination of biomarkers of neonatal diseases
  • Application of modern instrumental analytical techniques for clinical and forensic toxicology
Selected Collaboration projects with the Industry
  • Spectral Library for Merck Compounds
  • Development of bioanalytical technologies for the determination of bioactive compounds in biological samples
  • Scientific support, method optimisation for the control of biotoxins training of personnel of AquaPath Lab
Finalised projects
  1. Chromatographic separation using molecularly imprinted polymers
  2. Novel post-genomic bioanalytical techniques of metabonomics (metabolomics) in biomedical research and drug discovery.
  3. Advanced Bioanalytical technologies for system biology studies
  4. New bioanalytical technologies for metabolites – biomakers of autoimmune disease.
  5. Knowledge based multifunctional materials for biotechnological and biomedical use. Molecularly imprinted polymers and pH/thermoresponsible micro-and nanospheres for the development of novel drug delivery systems and analytical tools for pharmaceuticals
  6. Production and Utilisation of Novel Material for Bio-separations. Development of on-line Sample Preparation Systems