The Biomic staff has long experience and dedicated work in analytical method development for life science applications. The team develops and validates new, fit for purpose methods and if needed can trasnfer the methods to collaborating partners.

In sample preparation for bioanalysis the group was one of the first to adapt new technologies such as SPME and molecular imprinted polymers. The group has published extensive work on the sample preparation to improve the quantification of pharmaceuticals in biological samples, and bioactive molecules in food or other samples.

Recently we focus on the development of new technologies for patient centric sampling, studying various forms of quantitative dried bloods spots (DBS, as initally shown in Michopoulos, F.,Bioanalysis, 2011) and sampling of Volatile organic chemicals in exhaled breath.

In untargeted analysis the group has pioneered the study of quality control (QC) in LC-MS metabolomics publishing seminal papers (Gika et al., J. Proteome Res2007, Gika et al., J ChromB 2008) and the study of sampling and sample preparation of biological fluids (urine, blood, feces, tissue see references Gika Bioanalysis, 2011, Michopoulos et al., J. Proteome Res, 2009) and foods for untargeted metabolomics (Theodoridis et al., Metabolomics, 2012).