Biomic_AUTh Team

Our core bioanalytical group has strong track record and wide recognition in their field. The BIOMIC_AUTh team has the experience, the know-how and the infrastructure to support research projects on metabolic profiling of virtually any type of sample necessary. The team has >28 years experience in developing and validating analytical  technologies in life science research and development.

The group’s PIs are recognised experts on their field, editors/authors of books and numerous scientific publications and presentations. In the field of metabolic profiling and analytical characterization of foods and biological fluids, the group is second to none in Greece and is very well-known globally having successfully concluded more than 40 research projects

Coordinator Prof. Georgios Theodoridis has >170 research publications/book chapters, >180 presentations and > 8300 citations (h=48). He coordinated >30 research grants in AUTh and participated in >12 grants in Greece, Italy and the UK, the majority of these being on metabolomics. He launched a series of metabolomics workshops in Greece (, he serves in several committees of international metabolomics meetings. He edited special issues on metabolomics for J. Chromatogr. B and Methods in Molecular Biology. He serves as editor of J. Chromatography B and as editorial board member of several research Journals.

Dr. Nikolaos Raikos, Chemist, MD, PhD (Assoc. Professor, School of Medicine AUTh, Lab. Toxicology).

Dr. Eleni Gika (Assist. Professor of Bioanalysis, School of Medicine AUTh; > 90 publications with 5000 citations, h=31) has more than 18 years expertise on bioanalysis and metabolomics. She has coordinated a number of research grants in AUTh.

Dr. Alexandros Triantafyllidis, Associate Professor, School of Biology, AUTh

The core team consists of more than 15 chemists, biochemists and informaticians with expertise in supplementary disciplines. In addition to their research expeditions, the members of the group have several years of working experience in GLP laboratories, developing and validating analytical protocols in compliance to ISO 17025, EC Committee (675/2002) and FDA guidelines.

All staff members have strong experience in the development of analytical separation methods (HPLC, GC, GC-MS, LC-MS, CE) and their application in bio-pharmaceutical analysis and metabolomics.

The core research of the group is on the field of metabolomics with emphasis on the discovery of biomarkers of disease or drug toxicity.

Postdoctoral Researchers

PhD Students

  • Diamantidou Dimitra
  • Krokos Adamantios
  • Lioupi Artemis
  • Marinaki Maria
  • Begou Olga
  • Pesiridou Anastasia
  • Meikopoulos Thomas
  • Minoudi Styliani
  • Tsartsianidou Valentina

MSc students

  • Avraam Vasiliki
  • Mouskeftara Thomai
  • Nestoros Georgios
  • Anastasia Pafili